Sister Cities

Some of the most profound moments of my life have been situated on two separate continents, both of which have a distinct but powerful feeling of home. As a Spanish teacher new to Gaston County, I was overjoyed to learn about Santiago de Surco and the annual student exchange with Gastonia’s Sister City in Peru. I have traveled to Peru twice as a chaperone, and the awe and affection inspired only deepened each time. I wanted to relive and reveal some of those soul shifts and small moments of contentment that make both places home to me, and to others who have enjoyed the same sense of peace and satisfaction in their travels.

Fall Leaves

Mini landscapes from 5″ x 5″ to 4″ x 12″ all depicting local scenes (as close as my backyard!) at different stages of the fall


As I sought to develop my voice as an artist, I relied on scenes that had captured my eye, both in my travels and in my daily life. You can see hints of my pending color obsession as I attempted to imitate scenes exactly as I saw them.

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