España Abre


I’d never left the Americas before this summer. On my first trip to Europe, an artist retreat in Spain, I felt new windows opening at every turn: new appreciations, new connections, and new skills. The diverse scenic frames constructed with different architectural features embodied that sense of discovery, and so I began painting some of the beautiful windows and doorways I encountered there, calling them “España Abre,” or, “Spain Opens.”

“Vistas desde el Palacio” 48″ x 30″

Spain with Sari

It was the opportunity of a lifetime: an art retreat in Spain, with Sari Shryack, one of my very favorite artists from IG. We toured Cartagena and Granada but also practiced plein air painting at La Finca Paradiso, soaking up live demonstrations and peppering Sari with questions as she worked. I completed a handful of pieces while still in Spain, including some 9″ x 12″ panels that kept with the theme of opening and reframing.


Without suitcase restrictions, I was able to use photos from the trip to inspire larger pieces, ranging from 15″ x 30″ to 20″ x 24″ to my largest piece yet at 48″ x 30″ (above)

On display

The first half of the series is currently on display at Jack Beagles in Mount Holly!


I continue to draw from photos of “openings” from my travels in Spain as I add to the series. Keep an eye out for my impressions of these sights:

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