I have been teaching for years: English, Spanish, English AND Spanish. Between classes and conferences, teaching kind of absorbed every free minute of my time, but in 2017, something started changing when my little girl opted to start painting instead of playing an instrument like her brother. We went to a Mommy’n’Me painting session at a Wine & Design. And then another. And another. A little over a year later, I started teaching Wine & Design classes!

And that’s how I funded my habit. Each class meant more paint, more canvases, more paintbrushes. I started painting scenes from my travels to Peru and Mexico, painting portraits for gifts, experimenting with still lifes and abstracts–taking commissions from teacher friends!

I have recently been inspired by how my teaching peers adapt to any change and always add their own style, something we can see every day in the masks they wear to model consideration for their communities. I am still taking commissions in between hybrid classes, but also painting my colleagues in their masks as an appreciation for their flair and their flexibility.

What People Say

I got 2 personalized pet magnets. They are both amazing. Looks so good put up in my kitchen. Excellent use of color and detail. Thanks so much, Laura!

–Crystal J.

I have LOVED all three of my pieces from Laura. I purchased one of her pieces of Machu Picchu, and then I commissioned her to paint a picture of my friends and later a picture of my father and me. I have been thrilled with all of them! She is talented, receptive, and efficient. I give her my highest recommendation!

–Erin C.

I had the wonderful opportunity of winning a pet portrait & it’s beautiful! She did such an amazing job of capturing every detail about my babies in the painting. Was also a lovely person to work with!

–Alyssa G.

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