Art Journal 6/27

Commissions, Florals, Landscape, Residency, Sketch

Monday 6/21 – Freeman’s, Cécile famille

Tuesday 6/22 – Lily’s Lilies, Ollantaytambo Afuera underpainting, big painting adjustments

Wednesday 6/23 – Sketches: Mexico, kitchen hands

Thursday 6/24 – Geranium, Collab underpainting, Ollantaytambo Afuera

Friday 6/25 – Downtown Gastonia, Sleepy Cleo, Collab piece

Saturday 6/26 – Machu Picchu, Downtown Gastonia, Acts, Cécile famille

Sunday 6/27 – Machu Picchu Ruins, Acts, Ziggy 6×6, gouache clematis

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