Art Journal 5/9

Animals, Experiment, Florals, Masks, Portraits, Teachers, WnD

Monday 5/3 – Erika & Alice underpainting, Brookins, beach background

Tuesday 5/4 – Erika & Alice, Tiger, SE sketch, Hawaii ArtOMat

Wednesday 5/5 – turkey, sleepy Cleo, beach sand & post, start Linneman, heron underpainting, #plantpaintchallenge, María Cruz sketch

Thursday 5/6 – Linneman, tiny circle beach, Maria underpainting, goose background

Friday 5/7 – Oma underpainting, heron

Saturday 5/8 – Oma, Maria, WnD

Sunday 5/9 – Halftime: South Point Starry Night (Starry Night Lights?), Lena oval

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