Art Journal 4/18

Animals, Friends, Masks, Portraits, Process, Sketch, Teachers

Monday 4/12 – Self-portait, squirrel

Tuesday 4/13 – chicken background, April sketches–menagerie

Wednesday 4/14 – April sketches (menagerie, Stowe), flamingo, giraffe underpainting

Thursday 4/15 – Jordan, Linda, giraffe, sunglass dog sketch

Friday 4/16 – Sara, April sketches, Giraffe

Saturday 4/17 – giraffe, menagerie underpaintings (lizard, elephant, llama), April sketches, WnD

Sunday 4/18 – April sketches (mossarium–end of red sketchbook; Grandaddy, tiger, macaws in tan), Alicia mask sketch

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