Art Journal 2/14

Monday 2/8 – Becca, Kendra

Tuesday 2/9 – Becca redo, Bob, candy rainbow

Wednesday 2/10 – Sallie, Martina, teacher touch-ups, candy rainbow touch-ups, convex canvas touch-ups, circle bromeliad #3, family sketches

Thursday 2/11 – WnD, flower touch-ups

Friday 2/12 – succulent sketches, big painting

Saturday 2/13 – WnD, CQT sketches

Sunday 2/14 – teacher touch-ups, WnD, Green Companion

Published by Laura Sexton

Laura Sexton is a passion-driven, project-based language educator at Gastonia, North Carolina. She loves sharing Ideas for integrating Project-Based Learning in the world language classroom, including example projects, lessons, assessment tips, driving questions, and reflection.

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