Art Journal, May 7-13

Art challenge, Collage, Family, Portraits, Process, Self, Sketch, Still life, Teachers

Saturday, 5/7 – posca collage, unsuccessful gelli, self-portrait sketches

Sunday, 5/8 – casette sketches

Monday, 5/9 – apple collage

Tuesday, 5/10 – birthday tamales

Wednesday, 5/11 – Frida sketches, Pease

Thursday, 5/12 – face collage

Friday, 5/13 – overhead projectors

Art Journals, March 19-25

Animals, Art challenge, Collage, Commissions, Florals, Landscape, Pets, Portraits, Process

Saturday, 3/19 – sunflower collage, Mom hands

Sunday, 3/20 – sunflower 2

Monday, 3/21 – cactus pieces

Tuesday, 3/22 – cactus assembly, Paolo+cat pieces, Robinwood Lake

Wednesday, 3/23 -collage backgrounds and portrait grid underpaintings

Thursday, 3/24 – bouquet and vase

Friday, 3/25 – Plooshy

Art Journal, February 19-25

Animals, Art challenge, Collage, Florals

Saturday, 2/19 – Lily collages

Sunday, 2/20 – peonies, cat collage face

Monday, 2/21 – pink flowers, cat head

Tuesday 2/22 – squirrel

Wednesday, 2/23 – Belmont tetrych study underpainting, Christine et al, aloe collage

Thursday, 2/24 – cat collage

Friday, 2/26 – fire collage, scissors collage

Art Journal July 5-18

Animals, Experiment, Florals, Landscape, Portraits

Posting kind of got away from me with all of the Immersive Van Gogh arting! Here’s a brief recap of the last half.

Monday 7/5 – Sunday 7/11

11×14 hollyhocks, asters; island starry nights (Holbox), mini Rainbogh flowers & cats, Bromeliad redo, creek, Rainbogh birds (macaw, cardinal, flamingo, peacock), framed mini beach scenes, rainbow boat, Miraflores, Ollantaytambo started, Van Gogh portrait, Hatteras, Rainbogh #plantpaintchallenge flowers, world, shell, Lena collab, mini bridge underpaintings, Ollantaytambo, Paolo path, city starry nights

Monday 7/12 – Sunday 7/18

Mini bridge scenes, starry night rink, artisan underpainting, Stand Out, Lend a Hand, artisan, Center City, Trekell Rainbogh cat, Aguascalientes, mini beach & lake blocks, giraffe, veg underpainting, portrait commission, Take a Knee redo, pink manatee, Charlotte Rainbogh, Holbox sea

Art Journal 6/6

Commissions, Family, Florals, Minis, Portraits, Process, Still life

Monday 5/31 – beverages

Tuesday 6/1 – beverage 2, Vincent redo

Wednesday 6/2 – Vincent redo, restorative plant, kid mask sketches

Thursday 6/3 – kid mask underpainting, WnD turtle, Cécile underpaintings

Friday 6/4 – kid masks finalized, #plantpaintchallenge

Saturday 6/5 – outside llama, beach, #plantpaintchallenge

Sunday 6/6 – Cécile + fille, Van Gogh peony, zinnia leaves