Patient Care

My father was diagnosed with a brain tumor in August of 2021. He spent a lot of time in the hospital, including contracting Covid while he started his chemo and radiation simultaneously AND his broken hip was healing. He was in and out of the hospital the next several weeks with different issues, and shortly before Christmas, he started an electrotherapy treatment for the brain tumor, and I was able to take some time off to help him and Mom adjust.

On exhibit through May 14, 2022 at
the Arts Council of Fayetteville

I’ve long felt that painting someone was a way to channel your thoughts and energy into their healing, whether it was my mother-in-law undergoing an emergency triple bypass or my cat with a mysterious illness. Spending so much time with my parents, I observed so many precious moments worth preserving, and if it could help Dad in any sort of abstract way, better still.

This series is a record of Dad’s treatment with the Optune arrays from the first head shaving when we had no idea what would happen to one of the last array replacement procedures during my leave when Dad was actually becoming more and more himself again.

Read more from the Fox46 news story, “Art Inspired by Love” here or watch below:

Process Portraits

These large 24″ x 36″ portraits depict different phases of the Optune application, starting with shaving and shampooing Dad’s head every few days and including the application of the arrays and the mesh that holds it on between changes.

Home Nursing

Mom and Dad credit his kitty’s love and affection for a lot of his improvement. Plooshy is his best girl, but the other 4 cats stay close to keep his spirits up too.

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